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dealing with other passengers. this is about getting a ticket, which could work -- work up a sweat. steve rosenburg reports. >> they say, let the train take the strain, but in moscow they have decided to make you strain to get on the train. presenting the world's first squat howard underground ticket machine. two0 squats properly in minutes and this curious invention will you view a ticket. this normally costs 30 rubles. it does not matter how you do them, but there are no extra prizes for showing off. this is the brainchild of the russian olympic committee, the idea is to try to encourage russians to get fit ahead of the next winter olympics. i have to say that this is not as easy as it looks. 2, 1. there we go. i have done that, here is my ticket. thank you very much. i really don't have the energy now to get on that train. -- which just goes to show you have to be fit to ride for free on the russian railways. .bc news, moscow >> l dunn, steve, with those super -- well done, steve, with those supersquats. captivated people for centuries, but floating easy.the earth was not nobody knew w
is on trial for the assault. steve rosenberg has more. >> he had been badly burned and nearly blinded. the bolshoi ballet's artistic director nine months ago. someone had thrown sulfuric acid into his face. now he had the chance to confront his alleged assailants. cameras crash of tv outside the courtroom, you could tell the drama inside would be as gripping you had ever seen on the stage of the bolshoi. because among those on trial here is one of the ballet troupe's own dancers. he is accused of organizing the attack. he is said to have felt seething resentment toward his boss. here in court, he described the accused as a talented dancer who he had promoted, but who had turned against him. he angrily rejected claims by the dancer that as artistic director he had taken bribes or had relations with some of the ballerina. the bolshoi has always been one of the jewels in russia's crown. this court case is a huge embarrassment and shines a spotlight on a murky backstage jealousy,ealously -- fierce rivalry, and revenge. but that comes as no surprise to those who know the bolshoi well. >> t
and steve were having one of those carefree days when their was nothing to do. (sighs) it's great being out on the street and not chasing after charkie for once. (ball bangs) (hooting happily) pisghetti: i'll tell you, nettie, we are going to break the record! "break the record"? what record? let's see what's going on! (chattering happily) chef, how long is it now? 25, 26... aw... oh, hello, giorgio. hello, stevie. (chatters inquisitively) oh, we are making the longest strand of cooked spaghetti in the world! oh! (chatters happily) ooh! (chatters): what's that? oh, this? well, it's a tape measure i'm using to measure our spaghetti. ooh, ah... i can use this to see that you are-- ap-bah-bah-bah-- two feet tall. (gasps): oh! (hooting excitedly) oh, i know-- that is pretty tall.
to take, but this country is divided. to the east and to the west. steve rosenberg, bbc news, ukraine. >> you are watching "bbc world news america." to come, this american woman is winning medals in the swimming pool. we will tell you her remarkable story. minister, the prime has resigned, following the death of 64 people when the roof of a supermarket caved in last week. the bbc's nick charles has more on the political turmoil. >> repercussions from this catastrophic building collapse continue. the country is still reeling from the country's disaster since it declared its independence from the soviet union 22 years ago. much national grief and mourning on display since the tragedy, but also anger, and the prime minister has emerged before the cameras to announce his resignation. politicaling responsibility for the disaster, he said. his departure also means that a new government has to be formed just weeks before the country is meant to join the euro zone. shell of the supermarket is being demolished. emergency workers are also sifting through debris for clues into an investigation i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)